New team coming up... New songs...

with Max BRIARD on drums / Antoine LUCCHINI on sax / Guilhaume RENARD on bass / Sam DIOUF on keyboards

First solo album : Pamela CHU

HOGAN - Pamela Chu


HOGAN - Pamela Chu is an album by composer, musician G.HOGAN, half Brit/half French living in France.

Pamela Chu album is a project born from the encounter with  jazz-rock drummer Arthur DECLERCQ and free-rock bassist Stef GINER.

G.HOGAN has composed many music for theatre, bands of all styles, and has written all the tracks on the album.

The trio on the album Pamela Chu is an old-school trio, inspired by modern jazz-rock trio.




Album release Pamela CHU

February 2018